maddy_p_nuggets (maddy_p_nuggets) wrote,

Long time...

Hi guys,

Its being a long time since i last opened this *blows dust away. Ok to start things off. I think everyone is falling apart in Chiron. Even myself, thats something, that doesn't happen that much. It's bound to happen sooner or later, its something that everything/everyone is going through; i mean its not like we can make everything go as planned or make everything go as it use to be. There are many factors that play a part in this. From the committee to the rest of the members.

I find that this years batch is not gonna be any good too. The same as ours, delayed events and uncooperative-ness. But i really want to know whats, their reason to even join Chiron, is it the fact that we were SL's for FOP? or was it another reason that is unknown to us all. Anyway, back to the problem; Yeah, things are starting to fall apart slowly, even after our small "let out the anger" time few weeks back. Yes we were able to salvage the parts, but to what extent? How can we go on like this, no one has any mood to do anything after the first events, everyone is already drained and the flame is dying. The "tops" who are meant to run the whole thing are even some what giving up in a sense. Like, they don't attend meetings, they ignore idea's (most of the time) and until now they were keeping things from us. Sigh... If only i was the VP or P than things would be alittle different. I'm not saying that i could do a better job than them, but i could have change the many things that they can't. Sometimes, i wonder what would have happened if i was the top's how would the future be like. I’ve never thought about the future, about growing old. Maybe because the future has never been kind to people like me or their loved ones. For people who are wondering, i don't think about my future most of the time and this leads me to have a messed up present and for the future.... maybe not so bright. But yeah, IF i was the top's all of what we are going through right now would have not happened not happened in a much later time. sigh...

Another thing i wanted to add is that, HOW THE FUCK do you expect people to come for 4 days in a row.... i stepped in when i did too, and the juniors didn't really take into consideration what we experience last year. Trust me its tiring as shit when it was only 2 days, so i think 4 days is gonna be even worse. But who cares, its not my event or the seniors so why should i tell them to make it "my way". It's up to them to decide whether or not they are committed to come for all 4 days and stay back. Anywho, good luck to them, since i will do things my own way during the interview. I mean, those Scenario are useless... i mean, riddles? really? WHEN IN THE FUCKING WORLD would you need to do a riddle for in a 3 day event... like thats FUCKING useless. Then, another thing they added was to do a cheer, yes its ok. But we can rebel against them? like it will be too easy for them if we follow them. So why not argue with the so called "SL" and see if they can handle that. Since its still a test... Well, thats an idea. I can do that instead. shout back at the "SL's" HAHAHAHA get some people to follow me and make it a scenario itself. How i love to see people suffer. :)

But in the end, we all have to prepare for the worse, only 1 meeting to plan phase 2... so yeah, the worse is yet to come. Oh, also UT's this month, i hope i pass all of them hahahah :/ Of all the good things we could do, we choose to do the bad things. So yeah, thats the end of that and i hope whoever reads this will enjoy and there will be more :D soon.... Here is a Ginger bread man too down there :)

- Matthew

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